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Efest Mega USB 2 Bay Battery Charger

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The Efest Mega USB 2 bay battery charger works with a wide range of battery cells and has a smart LED indicator for extra convenience.

Technical Specifications

Compatible with Lithium IMR 3.6V/3.7V batteries and 1.2V NiMH/NiCd batteries:
10440 | 14500 | 16340 | 17340
18650 | 18490 | 18500 | 18650
26500 | 26650 | 20700 | 21700

LED Indicator

The "Li-ion" and "Ni-MH" indicators will light up in response to the type of battery installed. The power level indicators show the amount of charge in four stages for the currently installed battery cell.

Automatic Battery Recognition

The Efest Mega charger can recognise the battery length and will automatically set the charging rate, which helps to protect the smaller battery from stress and heat. A faster charging rate will be set automatically for bigger battery cells.


Automatic change mode between 0.5A and 1A | Safe charging mode: CC & CV
Monitors and charges each slot independently | 0 voltage activation recovery function
Modern and industrial design | Lightweight and portable | High quality ABS fire retardant material

Six Protections

Short circuit protection | Automatic over-charging protection
Automatic over-discharging protection | Reverse polarity protection
0V activation recovery function | Hardware and software double protection



Please see our comprehensive guide to battery safety.

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